Optimize Your Patient's Experience

What is YouCAF?

YouCAF (Unified Claim and Approval Form) is a digital platform that is dedicated to improving your patient's experience by helping you focus on the patient’s History taking and Clinical Examination. In other words, you get to worry less about the Documentation and Administration work.


Having a High Patient Rush in your Clinic?

Now you can enjoy the good old days and do a proper bedside examination and take full history from the patient without worrying about their compact time.

Take advantage of the advanced fast tools for Patient Management, where registration and update of patient's history are only clicks away!

Struggling with Complicated Medical Softwares?

YouCAF has a shallow and short learning curve; just with the first few patients you will manage to master and take full advantage of it.

Medical reports are now easier to read due to its scratch free digitalized format. The generated reports are in PDF format with the needed customization as per the clinic settings.

Past Medical History

Get all the PMH of patients with just a few clicks. Visualize the Chronic Medications List and the Patient's Allergies which are ready in front of you.


One of the big hiccups, when you see a regular patient and can't remember for sure what was his/her medical problem, although you have discussed it with him/her in details on their last visit and gave him a proper counselling. Most of us Doctors have been in this awkward situation and had to either go through a recap with the patient or started digging large papers files for the details.

With YouCAF application, all of this becomes History! All past visits are within a click away from you; arranged by the date of last visit and also shows you other doctors visits, so you don't fall in the duplicated medication trap!

Patient's Registration Process

Get it All Done with Customization of the On-Need Basis info.


Patient pre-registration is a key strategy for improving the process, which is often slowed down by complicated data collection and administrative tasks.

By collecting patient intake materials ahead of the appointment, pre-registration helps your clinic to create an efficient and higher quality patient experience and increased satisfaction.

Long registration process and huge amount of data are unacceptable nowadays, thus , YouCAF Medical Web Application will guide you to the “must register” data and the rest are optional. This will lessen the long waiting lines at reception halls and facilitate fast delivery of the clinic.


Easy & Customizable Appointments Management for Patients.


Booking Patients appointments is somewhat problematic for a lot of clinics. Relying on paper booking can easily lead to over booking or overlapping of appointments and cause a chain of delay for on time patients.

Establishing a sound appointments policy, clinic maximum capacity are essential necessities for the management of patients.

YouCAF helps directly by a smart booking mechanism that indirectly leads to accelerating Patient Turnover.

YouCAF Main Interface

A friendly and familiar interface.

Most Medical applications are complicated, with a lot of buttons and inputs that no one use, and no one knows what it is for!

YouCAF Application keeps it simple with its very straight forward interface!

YouCAF Promo

Accelerating the Process

Paperless Environment

Mostly a click-based Web Application, Fast Implementation

Custom ready Common Cases Templates

Leave Paperwork Behind

All of SFDA Medications that get updated regularly; you can search by typing or customize the default menu set for the medications.

ICD 10 Based Diagnoses

Electronic Signature and Stamp

Individual Accounts for Medical Staff and Administration with Access Privileges Control (HIPAA Standards).

YouCAF is not a one size fits all, but rather a customizable and scalable application.

Medical Aspect

Managing Clinics

Reduce Human Error.

Optimize Patients waiting time.

Optimize Patients waiting time.

Get Instant Reports:

Detailed Daily Census.

Medications Dispensed based on real usage, Note:

    Slow Moving Medications.

    Nearly Expired Medications.

Insurance Claim Generation in Electronic Format as Desired. Once the Doctor is done with the patient. that's it. No further work is needed. just download the claim and submit!

Reduce Overhead Costs.


Business Aspect

Registration Steps

Stay Tuned!